Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Main Benefits of Green Cleaning Approach

With our daily lives seemingly speeding up by the day, it’s no wonder people struggle to find time for house cleaning in Austin. Without an experienced cleaning team at your beck and call, every aspect of housekeeping becomes much harder, especially if you’re looking for ways to keep your home shiny and clean in a natural way.

From concerns about the climate and the state of our environment to the well-being of our loved ones who share our living environment, there are numerous reasons why embracing eco-friendly house cleaning is the way to go. Today’s post outlines major benefits associated with the natural cleaning approach to help you make an informed decision and join the green cleaning camp from now on.

What are the benefits of green cleaning?

Whether you’re concerned about the quality of your indoor air or abrasive chemicals used in regular cleaning solutions, there are numerous reasons why green cleaning is a healthier option for your household. But what are they? Let’s now delve deeper and explore the main reasons why you should embrace the green cleaning approach.

Main Benefits of Green Cleaning Approach

Improved indoor air quality

Regular house cleaning is crucial for maintaining fresh indoor air. While cleaning eliminates dirt, contaminants, and pet dander from your home, too many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can prove dangerous for children and people who suffer from allergies, itchy skin, or respiratory issues.

Eco-friendly cleaning utilizes gentle, natural solutions that are free of harsh, fragranced products, irritants, and hormone-disrupting chemicals.

Reduced levels of VOCs

According to extensive research by the EPA, Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are emitted as gasses from a wide variety of organic chemicals that are found in the majority of homes in the US. Products ranging from aerosol sprays and air fresheners to furnishings, cleansers, paints, and other solvents release VOCs and pollute your indoor air even when not used. Green cleaning products have a much lower level of VOCs which significantly decreases the risk of irritation and makes them safe for use.

Safer for kids & pets

If you have a pet or a small toddler, you should seriously consider adopting an eco-friendly cleaning routine. Since pets and especially little children are particularly vulnerable to exposure to harsh chemicals, embracing green cleaning can make a difference between a healthy environment in which they can thrive and a toxic one that hampers their development.

Better for the environment

Abrasive and polluting chemicals are not only harmful to our loved ones, they can have a detrimental effect on our natural surroundings. Once you release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, they end up in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil used to grow our food. Opting for green cleaning is not only a personal decision that benefits your family but it also has a huge impact on your immediate surroundings and the natural world.


One of the main reasons people shy away from eco-friendly cleaning is its reputation for costliness. But this presupposition isn’t true across the board and applies only to a few select brands. Most of the things you need to engage in green cleaning, you already have in your home. Everyday items like baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol, and essential oils are all that you need to make natural cleaning solutions that are effective in cleaning most surfaces in your home.

Who should I turn to for reliable green house cleaning in Austin, TX?

Main Benefits of Green Cleaning Approach

With top-rated cleaners, the latest tools and solutions, and a willingness to adapt to the unique needs of each client, Maids and Moore is the leading cleaning company in the wider Houston and Austin areas.

From tips on key pieces of eco-friendly cleaning equipment and advice on how to clean your home after a Cinco de Mayo celebration to the reasons why house cleaning vouchers are a great Mother’s Day gift, our experienced team will provide you with all the answers and advice you need.

Enjoy a relaxing day unwinding with your loved ones by the Lady Bird Lake while our diligent team applies all its know-how to provide you with a spotless and fresh home. We have your best interest protected with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so reach out to us today!

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