• “We are Cole and Zoe, owners of Lively Coffeehouse & Bistro and we’ve been using Maids and Moore cleaning service for about a year now. We work 7 long days a week so finding time to deep clean the restaurant is always a tough task but knowing that we have the Maids and Moore girls coming to clean bi-weekly eases that stress. They always do a fantastic job cleaning and they even do a few extra tasks when I ask them to! The service doesn’t break the bank either so it’s well worth it! Thanks to Maids and Moore the cleanliness of our restaurant is never an issue; from ovens to flat tops to floors and walls every inch is clean!” –Lively Coffeehouse & Bistro

  • “I was blown away. Every inch of my apartment was cleaned and cleaned with purpose. I was moving out and we all know how that weighs on one’s mind. Getting the deposit back is important and what apartments charge for missed cleaning is ridiculous. These women came in and wiped those fears away. Not only do I recommend them I will use them again and again. As for the money aspect…. I was shocked and elated at the price. When I saw the apartment I know they had to have gone over in time and I was going to be charged extra.. Nope, not even the case. I feel this was worth every penny and I hope they do North Austin. Happy customer here!”

  • “They did such a great job! Kelly was so nice and easy to talk to. This was my first experience w/ a maid service, and it was excellent! I’ll definitely spread the word. Thank you so much!!” –Crystal R.

  • “Wonderful! Even my husband commented on what a great job they did. All of the girls are so sweet. I want to adopt them all. :)” –Nancy P.

  • “The girls did a wonderful job, and I really enjoyed having them there! It was well worth the money, and I will be happy to leave y’all a good review.” –Susan H.

  • “Yesterday was our first time initial, deep clean. The 2 girls, Maria &Adela (msp?) arrived at around 9:30 am with smiles & extremely positive attitudes. I must say that we have had several cleaning services for our house but yours “takes the cake”! Upon arrival I showed girls around and introduced them to our 2 poodles–Angel & Peanut. The girls were complimentary and even showed the dogs some attention (: (: Although my husband and son (who was still in bed when they arrived), were underfoot, the girls kept hard at work the whole day! They paid great attention to detail EVERWHERE! Dusting was done meticulously throughout the house. My son even came to me complimenting the detail cleaning he witnessed. My husband commented that no team has ever taken the time to dust the “shoe shelf” in his closet! When I showed the girls around in the morning I did note some “fragile” areas. One in particular was the 2 heavy, swivel, hallway barstools that can easily be knocked against the wall. They treated these with great care! What more could I ask for? By 4 pm the girls were still working! I felt bad that by 4:30 pm, they still weren’t done. I finally had to tell the girls that they would have to quit because my husband and I needed to go to my daughter’s choir performance! By then most of the cleaning was completed except for the floors. I know it must have been hard to leave without finishing the job, but I tried to let them know I was GREATLY appreciative of ALL they DID complete! I told them I would finish things off tomorrow. Please let them know I’m extremely thankful for the top notch care they took in cleaning our home! Also emphasize that they ARE the best cleaning team I have ever had! I also am appreciative of the credit card bill pay. With other services it was a bit stressful having to make sure I had cash or a check handy every visit! In addition, having a phone number and email I can contact about service is super! Everyone on the phone has been kind and easy to talk to. To us, customer service is EXTREMELY important in the cleaning industry! You already receive high marks from the Hiltons on all counts!

  • Again, thank you! We look forward to scheduling our next bi-weekly clean. We would love to have the Maria & Adela return for future cleaning. Please let us know as soon as possible.”
    -Deb Hilton (& family)

  • “I wanted to send you a very sincere Thank you to the two ladies that were sent to my house. They did a wonderful job. I have recommended your company to several friends this weekend. I will keep you on my list of people to use again in the future. And please send me the two ladies who came to my house on Friday. They are a wonderful asset to your company. Very satisfied customer.
    -Sincerely, Tammy

  • “I have been with Maids and Moore for about 6 months and could not be happier. They are always punctual and do an excellent job with my dirty house (3 dudes and 3 big dogs with a muddy back yard)” –Peter

  • “Consistently Excellent! Thank you to Maids and Moore for doing a consistently great job on my apartment. Truly a breath of fresh air.” –GMS

  • Thank you so much! The women that were there did a GREAT job.
    Geoff K

  • You guys did a fabulous job! Thanks for going above and beyond!
    L. Phan

  • Great job EVERY time! Thanks ladies!
    A. Johnson

  • Thanks again for all your hard work! Your staff is great as always.
    S. Weil

  • Excellent work. I really liked how clean you guys got the rugs and floor. Thanks!
    T. Hamilton

  • Everything looks great!! I always love the clean house this team leaves us!! They are fast, efficient and Thorough!! We love Maids and Moore. You guys make our lives easier!!
    D. Moore

  • Very good work- The house seemed extra clean!
    C. Miller

  • Excellent! You ladies are the BEST!
    G. Simpler

  • Great work. I am completely satisfied.
    L. Bravado

  • Thank you for leaving my house so fresh and clean. Great work ladies!
    S. Kometani

  • Fabulous Job! Great as always ladies!
    B. Maloney

  • Your staff is the BEST!
    J R. Reaves

  • Maids and Moore is wonderful! You guys even cleaned around my blinds!
    G. Jane

  • Excellent work everytime!
    P. Ho

  • Great work! The house looks perfect – Thanks!
    G. Mahon

  • Everything was great as always. Great job ladies.
    C. Mauldin

  • Great! Excellent job!
    L. Granado

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