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Never use rag or sponge mops! They’re unsanitary. Smop’s (washable mop heads) are good maintenance mops.

Routine moppings extract only 2/3 of the dirt from your floor surface. Have your tile floors steam cleaned every 6 months.

Using non-diluted vinegar on glass shower doors after each use prevents soap scum, followed by squeegee after every shower.

Throw away your store-bought window cleaner. Mix 1/8 part vinegar, 7/8 parts water, and a drop of liquid dishwashing soap for cleaning windows and glass surfaces. Store brands will leave a waxy buildup on surfaces and they’re more expensive.

Use coffee filters to clean glass with and keep them free of lint and dust that may be trapped on rags or paper towels.

Use a color-coded rag for dusting. Even after washing your cleaning rags, chemicals found in many cleaning products may remain and could ruin your furniture. It’s safer to use the same rag for dusting every time you clean.

When cleaning between scheduled professional cleaning services start from top to bottom work left to right when dusting.

Cleaning and flushing your toilets once a week keeps the hard water line from appearing in a toilet.

Using a dryer sheet on the baseboards keeps pet hair and floating dust from landing on them. You can also do this on blinds and light fixtures.

Use a tennis ball to remove scuffs from the floor from shoes or other rubber-type materials.

Remove faucet and steel stains using lemon and salt. Slice a lemon and sprinkle salt around the area you want to clean. Clean the faucet or steel with the lemon halves and rinse with warm water for a shiny, streak-free finish.

Remove lingering smells from cloth furniture by sprinkling baking soda and let it sit for at least 20 minutes then vacuum it up.

Clean dirty microwaves by putting a bowl of hot water in for 5 minutes. The heat creates steam and makes wiping out the mess a breeze.

To clean your coffee maker once a month fill your coffee pot reservoir with 4 Tablespoons of white vinegar mixed with water and let it run then run nothing but water the second time to get rid of the smell or taste of vinegar.

For quick dust for a mess like glitter or cookie crumbs use a lint roller to dust the surface. Eliminating the mess being spread in the air.

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