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Holly’s Hints Page


Holly’s Hints

Never use rag or sponge mops! They’re unsanitary. Smop’s (washable mop heads) are good maintenance mops.

– Routine moppings extract only 2/3 of the dirt from your floor surface. Have your tile floors steam cleaned every 6 months.

– Squeegie after every shower and you will never get soap scum.

– Throw away your store-bought window cleaner. Mix 1/8 part vinegar, 7/8 parts water and a drop of liquid dishwashing soap for cleaning windows and glass surfaces. Store brands will leave a waxy buildup on surfaces and they’re more expensive.

– Use a color-coded rag for dusting. Even after washing your cleaning rags, chemicals found in many cleaning products may remain and could ruin your furniture. It’s safer to use the same rag for dusting every time you clean.

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