5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Deep Clean Your Home During the Summer

Whether you’re planning a big summer yard sale or your home just needs meticulous attention to remove the clutter, dirt, and dust that have accumulated over the colder months, summer is the perfect time to book deep house cleaning in Sugar Land.

With nature in full bloom during the summer, plants, pests, and pollen are all on the move and present a challenge to the cleanliness and comfort of your living environment. In today’s post, we explore the main reasons why you should call a proven company to deliver top-to-bottom cleaning of your home during the summer.  

Why is summer cleaning important

Why is summer cleaning important?

With people coming in and going out all the time, summer showers that bring mud, scorching temperatures that create dust, and thriving bacteria and germs, there are so many reasons why our homes are dirtier throughout the summer than during other parts of the year. Here are some of the main reasons why you shouldn’t skip deep summer cleaning.

1. Refreshing after a long winter

One of the best ways to leave the winter blues behind is to do a detailed clean-up of your living space. Revamping your home will certainly put a smile on your face and re-energize you for the summer season ahead. Not only will your living environment look neat and smell fresh but you’ll also create a more relaxing and cozy space for the whole family to enjoy.

2. Decluttering for a summer sale

If you’re planning a summer yard sale, deep cleaning is a great way to start. It will help you get a clearer picture of the state of your belongings. Go through your stuff and decide which items you wish to keep and which ones are up for sale. Once you’ve taken the clutter out, professionals will have a free hand to tackle all the hidden corners that usually don’t receive enough attention during your regular cleaning routine.

3. Thriving bacteria, germs & pests

With the summer comes heat and the heat brings ideal conditions for all types of germs to thrive. This is especially important in the kitchen where you prepare your meals and in the bathroom with its moist environment. In addition to the increased risk of contamination, summer is the ideal season for home pests who enjoy the warm weather. Doing a thorough cleanup will significantly reduce the possibility of pest infestation and improve your home’s comfort.

4. Boosting indoor air quality

Due to hot weather and the increased need for air circulation, we usually keep most of our windows open throughout the summer, especially during the hot nights. When windows and doors are open all the time, more dust enters and settles inside our homes. This can be particularly tricky for people who suffer from respiratory issues or allergies. Meticulous deep cleaning will reduce the presence of dust, dirt, and pet dander significantly improving your indoor air quality.

5. Active lifestyle

We tend to lead a more active lifestyle during the summer than during the colder months. Whether it’s morning workouts, various outdoor activities, sports, or just afternoon walks and enjoyment of sunny weather, a home is much more active during the summer. This is especially true if you have pets or kids who are running around with muddy and dusty footwear that leaves dirty tracks in its wake.

Who should I call for reliable deep house cleaning in Sugar Land, TX & the area?

With almost two decades of experience, vetted, insured, and bonded personnel, and commitment to healthy cleaning solutions that take your well-being into account, Maids and Moore is the premium residential cleaner near you.

5 Reasons Why It's Important to Deep Clean Your Home During the Summer

If you need help deep cleaning your place before a summer yard sale, want to simplify your moving-in process, need pointers avoiding typical deep cleaning errors, or would like to learn more about charitable cleaning services, our crew is here to help with a unique combination of skill, hard work, and professional equipment.

Give our professionals a call and you’re free to make the most of wonderful summer days picnicking at Lost Creek Pavilion while our team delves deep to ensure that your residence is fresh and looking its shining best. Call us today and we’ll shower you with a special summer discount!

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