Deep Clean Your Home For a Tidier New Year With These 11 Tips

January 11, 2021 by Julia Weaver

Let’s face it, most of us are ready to put 2020 behind us and start fresh in 2021. It’s tradition for many people to create new year’s resolutions and set goals for the upcoming year. Chances are, however, a couple of weeks into the new year, keeping up with your resolutions may seem harder than you imagined. 

If one of your goals this year is to keep a clean house, you’re in luck. In the spirit of new beginnings, we’ve asked the experts, from Portland, OR to Philadelphia, PA, to share their best cleaning tips and tricks so you can stay true to your goals this year.

Say goodbye to window streaks

Many times people get frustrated by streaks on the mirrors and glass. There is a simple and effective method to avoid them. Use Dawn or another dishwashing soap and sponge first (that’s what creates the streaks!) to remove any oily residue from the surface. Follow this step by rinsing with clean water and cloth in a downward zig-zag pattern – to push down the soap. The final step would be to dry up the surface with a paper towel and you can use Windex or window cleaning solution here for shine. – Superb Maids

Follow instructions on cleaning labels

The most important factor to deep cleaning and disinfecting your home is following the instructions provided on the labels. A lot of times people will spray the product and wipe it off right away. What they don’t realize is that many products require a dwell time of 10-15 minutes, which allows the products to activate and provide a deeper clean.  – Tucson Maids

Decontaminate using electrostatic cleaners

2020 taught us how important having a clean space is to care for our health and the health of our loved ones. Most times, superficial cleaning is not enough to kill all the bacteria and viruses that live on the surfaces of our spaces that can be life-threatening such as the COVID-19 virus. We recommend cleaning and disinfecting your home with electrostatic cleaners that coat entire surfaces and decontaminates them which helps protect yourself and your family. – Queen Bee Cleaning Services

Hire a professional house cleaner

Consider incorporating a professional top-to-bottom cleaning service. Most services can be used as a first-time clean or as a thorough Spring/Fall clean. It will keep your home in the most maintained fashion throughout the year. – Misty Clean

Declutter for a fresh start

The ideal time to declutter is at the start of a new year or before a move. Don’t allow the things you don’t use to clutter up your new home. Imagine being surrounded only by the things that inspire and serve you and nothing more. There also is no better time to get organized than when you have moved to a new home. Old habits are shed and your new home signifies a fresh start. – Clean & Clutter Free

Vacuum in every direction

Vacuuming your carpets regularly is essential for a healthy home. For best results, please slow down and vacuum from multiple directions. If you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, I recommend a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to maintain healthy indoor air quality. – My Pro Cleaner

Create a routine you can stick to

Keeping your home clean all year long is done best by having a rotational deep clean item schedule. By starting with a deep cleaning of these items they can be maintained routinely and save money and time “Creating time for what matters most”. This is exactly what you will get by hiring a professional family-owned, bonded and insured company. – Maids and Moore Cleaning Service

Don’t overlook air ducts and air filters

When thinking of deep cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of your home, air ducts and air filters are generally overlooked. Air ducts can be a major contributor to dust and dirt in the carpet. When the soil from the air duct system gets in the carpet, it can be abrasive and cause damage to the carpet fiber. Getting the air ducts cleaned and changing the furnace filter regularly will help with maintaining the cleanliness of your carpet. – Teasdale Fenton

Take care of your carpet and rugs

Winter 2021 is a great time to tackle your carpet and rug cleaning so your home is ready for the new year. By taking care of your carpets and rugs, you also eliminate one of the major indoor air quality problems in your home this winter. Not only does carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning make your home feel clean and inviting for guests, but it also prepares you for the season when you’ll be spending quite a bit of time indoors. Don’t stop there- it’s recommended that you get your carpets cleaned at least twice a year. – Clean Choice Cleaning & Restoration

Keep baseboards clean

A simple dusting with a long-handled Swiffer is an easy approach that allows cleaning behind furniture. If the visible baseboards are still dirty, a bucket of warm water and 409 spray is an easy fix, just spray and wipe. Nothing like clean baseboards. – Fresh and Clean

Always clean up before bed

Wipe your bathroom and kitchen counters daily, and make sure that everything is put away in its place by the end of the night. Make sure the stove and oven are cleaned after each use to avoid grease build-up, and that the floors get vacuumed. I want to wake up with a clear mindset so I can focus on my goals for that day, not stress about cleaning last night’s mess. Consider hiring a cleaning technician to come in every couple of weeks and clean the toilet, tubs/showers, mirrors, sinks, blinds/shutters, and mop. – Jay’s One Stop Cleaning Services

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