Clean a Messy House Checklist

When you’re dealing with a messy house, you need to have a game plan in mind. Your strategy needs to take on leaning in a systematic, organized way while still maintain the flexibility to add a few custom wishes. Here’s a simple, clean a messy house checklist that can make cleaning less complicated.

Clean A Messy House Checklist

Clean A Messy House Checklist

The first thing to bear in mind is that your plan needs to be reasonable. It can be tempting to take on too much and then being unable to clean up the mess. When coming up with a plan, you need to start by deciding what you want to accomplish, and prioritize the really critical things and do them first.

Once you’ve prioritized what you need to clean, and what you don’t, and how deeply you can clean based on the amount of time you’ve got, you can start working the plan you’ve created. The checklist below ensures you don’t leave out anything important.

Cleaning Supplies You’ll Need:

•    Scrub brush

•    Microfiber Cloths

•    Dishwashing detergent

•    All-purpose cleaner

•    Disinfecting cleaner (for the inside of garbage bins)

•    Rubber or latex gloves to protect hands

Kitchen Cleaning Tasks

•    Clean the oven

•    Organize pantry

•    Wipe the insides and outsides of kitchen cabinets

•    Empty your sink by cleaning up all the dishes, pans and pots

•    Wipe down the stovetop

•    Clean inside the microwave

•    Empty trash can

•    Run the dishwasher and later empty it

•    Sweep and mop the floor

•    Clean the refrigerator

•    Change the kitchen towels


•    Wipe the insides of cupboards and drawers

•    Inspect your medicine cabinet and get rid of expired, outdated and unused medication and dispose of them properly

•    Remove wastebaskets/rugs

•    Clean the toilet

•    Sweep and mop the floor

•    Wash or vacuum bath rugs

•    Change out hand towels and guest towels

•    Clean mirror(s)

•    Wipe down counter and sink

•    Clean shower stall/bathtub

Entryway Cleaning Tasks

•    Sweep and clean up the front door area

•    remove dust

•    get rid of clutter

•    make sure there’s space to place shoes and hang clothes

•    vacuum or clean the floor

Living or Family Room Cleaning Tasks

•    clean and tidy sitting areas such as chairs and couches

•    dust

•    empty the trash can

•    declutter the room and other areas

•    vacuum or clean the floor

Bedroom Cleaning Tasks

If you’ve already dusted the room, removed clutter, vacuumed or cleaned the floor and tidied the closets, your bedrooms should be clean. To finish up, simply:

•    change bed linens and make the bed

•    return any furniture that you may have put out to vacuum earlier

•    fold laundry and put them in the dresser


•    use a streak-free glass cleaner and wipe with newspapers

•    if you have large and hard to reach windows, you can clean them with a professional squeegee

Maintaining a clean house is always much easier than cleaning a messy one. It’s crucial therefore to start by cleaning the mess so that your house is easier to keep clean. With this clean a messy house checklist, you should have an easy time ensuring your bedroom, bathroom, or dining room is tidy all year round. For more information, Maids and Moore has the experience and the knowledge to help you with you house cleaning questions.

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