Benefits from a Professional Cleaning Service

Ever wonder what are the benefits from hiring a professional cleaning company? well you are not alone. Some cleaning companies cater to residential clients, while others focus primarily on commercial cleaning. Maids and Moore maintains our focus on both types of customers, providing more than just the average vacuuming and dusting. Let us go a bit deeper into the tasks commonly involved in residential cleaning.

For most of us, cleaning the kitchen involves wiping the appliances and counters and cleaning out the sink. A cleaning service does much more.  Window sills are dusted, cabinets are cleaned, and baseboards fully cleaned. The floor is vacuumed and provided with a good mopping.

Cleaning the bathroom involves the standard vacuuming and dusting before the heavy work begins. The sink and counter are cleaned and all faucets are polished. Cleaning the toilet involves an exterior and interior sanitizing. In the tub or shower area, the tiles or fiberglass are scrubbed. Tile grout cleaning ensures that mildew does not build up in or around the shower.

In the laundry room, vacuuming and dusting takes place and the exterior of all appliances are cleaned. If a utility sink is present the chrome is polished. As the workers move throughout the home, they collect and consolidate all trash and take it to the outdoor waste bins. Once a home has been visited by a cleaning service, it looks brand new.

Hire Maids and Moore for your residential or commercial cleaning needs.  Creating time for busy people!

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