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Quote: @ 69.00 per hour plus tax
List clean is a type of cleaning where you decide your budget. In this case customers know exactly what they want done, so instead of cleaning the entire home Maids and Moore would work in order of priority from a list given to us by the customer with a set time limit. Quote includes 2 maids with all the supplies and equipment.

Number what items you need done in order of priority:

Basic cleaning tasks in Living Areas, Bedrooms, Offices, Stairways and Halls:
  • ____#Dust furniture
  • ____#Vacuum carpets
  • ____#Dust ceiling fans
  • ____#Cobweb patrol
  • ____#Clean blinds
  • ____#Hands wipe baseboards
  • ____#Vacuum exposed air vents
  • ____#Dust shelves
  • ____#Windex all mirrors
  • ____#Dust window sills
  • ____#In-side windows of exterior doors
  • ____#Dust picture frames and knick-knacks
  • ____#Edge carpets
Basic cleaning tasks in Kitchen and Baths:
  • ____#Clean countertops and surfaces
  • ____#Clean mirrors
  • ____#Sweep, mop and vacuum floors
  • ____#Clean tub, tiles and toilets
  • ____#Clean outside of cabinets
Clean insides of: ____#Stove ____#Fridge ____#Microwave

Other services we provide (check which are needed and we will contact you for more info):
____#Carpets steam cleaned (separately quoted)
____#Windows cleaned (separately quoted)
Additional items may be listed below: