Descriptions of Service

Make-ready Cleaning
A Make Ready Cleaning is a type of cleaning used when a home is vacant. It is the removal of all old dirt left from person moving out, so a new person can move in. We clean everything on the inside of the home except the paint on the walls and the glass on the windows. This cleaning is normally used for tenants, landlords and owners when moving in or out of a home.
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Deep Cleaning
Type of cleaning used when a home is occupied. Its the what we call floor to ceiling also know as spring clean. This clean is used by customers that want that one or twice a year cleaning, customer that is about to put there home on the market, events or parties, and company coming to visit. This type of cleaning is required when you sign up for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service. It is call the First Initial Cleaning.
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Routine Service
A routine service were we provide maintenance of the first initial deep clean. We maintain that deep clean by putting your home on a rotation of those deep items as well as preforming normal cleaning items. We offer this service for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly customers. This price is a set rate and is based off of your square footage.
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A La Carte
A type of cleaning where you decide your budget by choosing either 3 rooms, 4 rooms, or 5 rooms.  Each room you choose will be deep cleaned from top to bottom.  This allows you to choose the main areas you need cleaned.