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The Different Types of Cleaning Services

There are now several companies that offer different types of cleaning services, so that they can cater to the different cleaning needs of their customers as there are many ways to clean houses and/or buildings. Like our company, we different types of services to ensure that we satisfy all of our customers’ cleaning needs.
Carpet cleaning is one of the services that professional cleaning services offer. It is normal for you to spill different things on your carpet such as liquids and sauces. Dust and other such fine things like crumbs of bread and biscuits can also find a deep place within the carpet to stay. Vacuum cleaning the carpet may not be the best solution. A professional cleaning service can thoroughly clean your carpet using such things as steam cleaners to make sure that the carpet is as clean as it was when you first bought it.

Residential cleaning services are some of the most on-demand cleaning services. In today’s fast-paced world, you may find it harder to clean your house thoroughly. You wake up at the crack of dawn and when you come back home in the pitch of dark, all you want to do is take a shower, cook a meal, do the dishes and hit the sack. Over the weekends you just want to rest or take the kids to some place and have fun with them. You hardly have time to properly clean your bathroom, kitchen, attic, basement or even dust the entire house. This is where a cleaning company comes in and offers their maid service. All you have to do is pay them and give them the green light and they will leave your house spick and span.
Office cleaning services are also very common. Many companies actually contract cleaning services to do this for them rather than hire permanent cleaners. The cleaning services takes care of everything in the company’s premises from the lawn, the corridors, offices and even the company kitchen and washroom. The good thing about hiring a cleaning company at the office is that as you take care of office work, the cleaning services take care of themselves like magic. All you see is people cleaning every now and then and the office premises are always very clean!
There are numerous other services that cleaning companies take care of. Rug cleaning is done to clean rugs that are very dirt and very expensive such as Persian rugs. Mattresses are usually the forgotten items of cleaning. However, it is necessary to clean your mattress every now and then so at to keep it as clean as possible. Only a cleaning service knows how best to keep your mattress clean.

If you want to know more information about the different kinds of cleaning services that you can get for your home or office, please contact: (512) 731-2145

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The Benefits of Hiring a House Cleaning Services

Cleaning-Service-Austin-TXThere are several benefits that you can receive when you choose to hire a cleaning service company to help you maintain your home, because most cleaning services companies offer more than just cleaning services to help improve your living conditions at your home. In this article, you will have an idea about the known benefits that you can receive when you choose to hire a company that offers house cleaning services.

The first benefit that you will receive when you choose to hire a cleaning service company is that your house will be cleaned professionally. It takes a certain skill to professionally clean house. Just because, you know how to do your household chores it does not mean your house is spotless from the harmful bacteria that can harm your family. You will be rest assured that you will get a professional cleaner if you hire someone from a reputable maid service company or professional residential cleaning companies in your county.

The second benefit of hiring a cleaning service company is, you will have the freedom to choose which type of cleaning service will fit your budget and your house. If you do not have the budget of getting every part of your house cleaned, then it is in your discretion to inform this matter to your residential cleaning service company of your choice.

As was mentioned before, it is considered to be beneficial to hire a house cleaning Service Company to secure the cleanliness of your house, because employees are trained enough to spot these things. Aside from that, most employees of cleaning companies are also trained to know the best hygiene standards that should be practised in everyone’s homes. Most people have no idea about hygiene standards, and it is best to leave this matter to the professionals to ensure our family that they will live in safe and healthy environment once you have decided to hire a cleaning service company to maintain your home.
When you are living in a high-rise condo or a big mansion, it is not really advisable to hire non-professional cleaners to maintain your home. It is really important to make sure that you are hiring people to know what they are really hired for, so that your house will be safe. Aside from that, you must make sure that the people you hire to clean your house can be trusted especially if you live in a house with a lot of valuables and you do not need to worry about that when you hire a professional cleaning company. Most professional cleaning companies does criminal background checks on their employees to help make sure that their clients are safe from theft and other domestic-related crimes.

For more information about high quality house cleaning service, please contact us at 512-731-2145

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Benefits from a Professional Cleaning Service

Ever wonder what are the benefits from hiring a professional cleaning company? well you are not alone. Some cleaning companies cater to residential clients, while others focus primarily on commercial cleaning. Maids and Moore maintains our focus on both types of customers, providing more than just the average vacuuming and dusting. Let us go a bit deeper into the tasks commonly involved in residential cleaning.

For most of us, cleaning the kitchen involves wiping the appliances and counters and cleaning out the sink. A cleaning service does much more.  Window sills are dusted, cabinets are cleaned, and baseboards fully cleaned. The floor is vacuumed and provided with a good mopping.

Cleaning the bathroom involves the standard vacuuming and dusting before the heavy work begins. The sink and counter are cleaned and all faucets are polished. Cleaning the toilet involves an exterior and interior sanitizing. In the tub or shower area, the tiles or fiberglass are scrubbed. Tile grout cleaning ensures that mildew does not build up in or around the shower.

In the laundry room, vacuuming and dusting takes place and the exterior of all appliances are cleaned. If a utility sink is present the chrome is polished. As the workers move throughout the home, they collect and consolidate all trash and take it to the outdoor waste bins. Once a home has been visited by a cleaning service, it looks brand new.

Hire Maids and Moore for your residential or commercial cleaning needs.  Creating time for busy people!

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Choosing a House Cleaning Service

You have to be sure who you are dealing with when hiring someone to work for you.  The same certainly goes for when you hire a maid service to come into your home.  There are a few questions you should always be prepared to ask that will give you peace of mind and less worry.

Questions To Ask A House Cleaning Service

Do they screen the individuals they hire?
You are giving people access to your home so making sure that they check out is important.

Are they bonded and insured ?
Are they insured which would cover damage to your home and personal belongings.

What cleaning products do they use, and why?
A cleaning service should provide their own cleaning materials like vacuums, cleaning products, etc.  Also, cleaning products that are friendly to the environment are important.  You don’t want any harmful chemicals in your home!

Lucky for you Maids and Moore can answer all three of these questions.  We provided a strict background check on all of our employees.  We are bonded and insured, and we provide all cleaning materials unless there is a specific product you would like us to use.  So when you are looking for a cleaning service in Austin, TX, make sure you use Maids and Moore!

You can read more about our professional cleaning services on our company page.

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Apartment Cleaning

Don’t you love it when your apartment is clean?  Small spaces can easily get cluttered and dirty.

Think about it, wouldn’t it be nice if your washroom was wiped down, dishes washed and put away, carpets vacuumed, clothes in the closet, crumbs off the table, shoes stacked in rows, floors mopped, etc.

Maids and Moore specializes in apartment cleaning in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.  Call us for a quote or to request routine service.  New customers call 512-731-2145