Cleaning Tips

How to get Wax Out of Carpet

Candle wax makes a right mess on carpets, and is a devil to remove. But with this quick tip you can easily get the candle wax out and make your carpet as good as new.

Step 1: Scrape off the excess
Plug your iron in somewhere within reach of the waxy patch. While you’re waiting for it to warm up use a blunt knife to scrap off as much excess wax as possible.

Step 2: Iron
Now lay a paper towel or brown paper over the remaining wax and iron over the top. Keep it moving slowly, just as you would when ironing clothes, and make sure you don’t burn anything. The heat will cause the wax to melt and absorb into the paper. Keep ironing over a clean piece of paper or cloth until all the wax has been absorbed.

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Cleaning Tips for New or Expecting Mothers

Let’s face it — babies like to stick germy, dirty things in their mouths. That means keeping your home as clean as possible in order to help reduce the surface germs that may make your baby sick.  Here are three tips to maintain a cleaner, healthier home.

1. Clean As You Go
With a new little one around, time is a luxury few mothers have.  Make the most of every minute by disinfecting and spot cleaning throughout the day.  Disinfecting wipes should be kept on hand so you can clean and disinfect areas where babies crawl.

2. Was Hands Frequently
Germs are one of your babies biggest threats. Since you will be entering the outside world and bringing these germs back with you, make sure you shield your new baby by washing your hands more than usual.

3. Disinfect and Sanitize Daily
Clean the toys your baby handles on a daily basis. By using disinfecting wipes you can eliminate 99.9% of germs found on toys and other things such as the remote control that your baby might be fascinated with.

If you aren’t finding the time to keep your house as clean as normal, call up Maids and Moore to start routine cleaning.  It is our mission to create time for busy people, and new mothers could sure use that time!

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How To Vacuum Stairs

Vacuuming Stairs Tips

Vacuuming stairs can be tricky. For weight reasons we suggest you go with a canister vacuum with a removable head so you can properly get the corners and where the step meets the step riser.

Maids and Moore specializes in house cleaning and maid service in Austin. Visit our request a quote page to sign up!

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5 Cleaning Tips for the Weekend

Ah, the work week is done and now you get to relax for the weekend.  But Saturday morning chores are going to creep up on you in no time, so here are 5 easy tips to get a quick start:

1. Get Focused – turn off your phone, turn off the tv, and focus on the task at hand.

2. Get Organized – what do you want to accomplish today.  Do you need a general clean of the whole house, or do you have a few trouble spots you want to focus on?

3. Make a Check List – reward yourself by checking off the items on your list as you get them done.

4. Use Natural Cleaning Products – protect your family and pets from harmful synthetic cleaning products.  Stay green!

5. GET HELP!  Maids and Moore specializes in house cleaning so you have more time to live life.  Fill out our contact form today for your free house cleaning quote.

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How to Clean Bathroom Mirrors

What are the best practices for cleaning your bathroom mirror? Here’s a hint – terry cloth is what you want to use to ensure there are no water spots!

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Clean Wood Floors With Care


How To Clean Wood Floors

Wood floors are beautiful, but they are a lot of work. The key is to keep them as clean as possible so you don’t have to refinish your floors. Frequent refinishing of your floors is a bad idea. With proper care, you can avoid the need to refinish your floors.

The Dust Mop

You need a dust mop and you need to use it constantly! A disposable cloth mop (like Swiffer) can actually damage your floor. A dust mop is softer, and will pick up particles that you might be scraping against the floor with a Swiffer or other disposable cloth dry mop.

Innocent little particles can do serious damage to wood floors. Every time you walk on them, you are grinding them in and scraping the floor. Spills can also be quickly grabbed with a dust mop. Get a dust mop where you can remove the mop part and wash it regularly.

Damp Mop for Cleaning

Chemicals can damage your wood flooring. Your best bet is to use a damp mop with clean water as often as possible when you clean your floors. If the floor is still dirty, only then should you move up to a stronger cleaning solution than water. But be careful with the water!  Not too much – water is the enemy of your wood floors. When you use a mop, don’t slosh water all over the place. Any excess water can damage your floor.

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