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ATTENTION!!! Friends and Family!!!

We are asking for your Help in assisting us to find someone in your community in need. We all know how it is when life gets us down thru the constant changes and toil life throws at us. Sometimes a generous hand is all we need to move forward no matter the size of the helping hand. Maids and Moore have been so blessed and we would like to take this opportunity to Pay It Forward.

As proud sponsors of Cleaning for A Reason, we have had the opportunity to help families fighting cancer meet some of their cleaning needs. We wanted to take it a step further.

 So for the month of January, thru January 31st, we want to reach out to our community in search of families in need of help. We will be helping one family in need with cleaning service valued at $350.00. Nominations are to be submitted to your corresponding office managers as listed below.

If you know someone that is struggling whether it be health issues, financial, loss of a loved one, fire, tragedy all you have to do is send us their story and nominate them. The Maids and Moore team will be selecting the family in need and start the Pay it Forward process.

Thank you in advance for your help and remember always Pay it Forward.

Your Maids and Moore Family

When submitting nominee’s stories please title the subject: Pay it Forward

*Maids and Moore Austin:
(Roxy Aviles, Office Manager)
*Maids and Moore Belton:
(Caralisa Ratliff, Office Manager)
*Maids and Moore Montgomery:

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Cleaning for a Reason

Cleaning for a Reason is a nonprofit serving the entire United States and Canada.  They partner with local professional house cleaning services (like Maids and Moore) to help women who are undergoing treatment for cancer.  To date, they have helped more than 4,000 women with cancer through more than $1 million dollars in donated cleaning.

Maid Service Austin

The service is special to those who lose heart and hope through no fault of their own. Fighting cancer is tough enough, and providing families with free house cleaning services aims to help bring some sort of normalcy to their lives.

Maids and Moore is proud to be a part of Cleaning for a Reason.  If you know anyone currently going through cancer treatment, please contact us and let us help.